Tuesday, June 18, 2013

16 New Rules To Live By...Because Jay-Z Said We Need #NewRules [feedly]

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16 New Rules To Live By...Because Jay-Z Said We Need #NewRules

If HOV says the world needs new rules, then the world needs new rules. 

Earlier today, Jay-Z went on a mini Twitter rant for the first, and probably last time. His Twitter rant basically let the world know that he's writing new rules for the world to abide by. 

Inspired by Jay-Z and his #NewRules manifesto on Twitter, GlobalGrind decided to come up with 16 "new rules" everyone should live by...because Jay-Z said we need new rules. 

So get out your pen and paper and write down these 16 #newrules to live by down under. 

1. Everyone is a god. #newrules

2. Roman numerals > regular numbers. #newrules 

VII IV XIII Roc A Fella Records/Roc Nation #magnacarta

— Mr. Carter (@S_C_) June 17, 2013


3. Yolo is an ethnic slur. #newrules 

4. If it's not on Instagram...it DIDN'T happen. #newrules

5. Paying taxes is hustling backwards. #newrules 

6. Drunk is the new sober. #newrules 

7. Twitter thugs will be sent to the Hunger Games. #newrules

8. Twerking is an Olympic sport. #newrules 

9. Park in handicap spots...they're always empty anyway. #newrules

10. No rules. #newrules 

11. Mondays are no longer a part of the work week. #newrules 

12. Screaming is the new whisper. #newrules

13. Credit score don't mean shit. #blackpeoplecelebrate #newrules 

14. R.Kelly's "Ignition (Remix)" = American National Anthem. #hotandfresh #outthekitchen #newrules

15. Bishop Don Magic Juan replaces the Pope. #newrules 

16. Posting bathroom selfies with your children present are punishable by law. #newrules 

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