Monday, April 20, 2015

Bye Justified

Searching the TV channel landscape, I came across Justified on FX.

Why would I get hooked on a hick lawman show, with red a few red neck characters. Two words. Elmore Leonard. Never heard of the dude. As one that watches feature film credits that roll on for days; how did I miss this guy? Get Shorty, 3:10 to Yuma, Killshot, Jackie Brown to name a few. I guess going to midnight shows has a downside. Raylan Givens pushed his words hard and in a poetic translation of Eastern Kentucky. A not by the books Sherriff, lover, killer and all around prime time nice guy. Just don't piss him off. Boyd Crowder blew up the screen in many more ways than one. If you’re a fan of the show, Boyd’s last scene in the finale was a subtle yet over the top performance that put Justified in the category of a series to remember. Bring in Eva Crowder who brought it every week. Girlfriend took it to you with sweetness, hardcore, gangsta, wit, desperation, wise womanhood, damsel in distress, glamour and one not  to underestimate. Props goes out to the U.S. Marshals! Art, Tim and Rachel. Always had Raylan's back and still upheld the law. Wynn Duffy, the ultimate survivor.Sleaze drips out of your pours but holding onto Mikey gasping for his last breath showed compassion beyond respect. Nice touch using a dog grooming mobil service as cover to get out Harland County. Supercharged performances from Raylan's father Arlo, Mags, Daryl Crowe Jr., Loretta and I take no prisoners, Robert Quarles.Then add Dewey Crowe to the mix. Being Dewey Crowe is no easy feat. With this character the dimensions of ignorance are limitless and he goes for the fences and hits home run after home run. Limehouse was the guy who says this is the way or take the highway to hell. I own this part of town and if your not here for me to profit, then you just best get to steppin. He brought the bigger than life character to a bigger life and place on the screen. A bad ass with a deliberate slo mo delivery. Enter Avery Markham. The ultimate bad man on the planet. When he spoke you better listen or lose your life or what the hell he was saying. Followed by his hit man Boon. Boon’s brief appearances  always stood out. His was capped off with the showdown, throw down with Raylan on an open road. Ready aim, fire and a big bulls eye for the entire series. Hats off to the creator, Graham Yost. Thank you all for making great television. Bravo!!

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