Sunday, April 5, 2009

Get Control of Your E-Mail

As you begin to open multiple accounts on the net that require a user name and password,you're going to notice that your in-box will soon be overflowing. I have YouTube,FaceBook,Twitter,Linkedin Plaxo,OrignsTV plus a host of video services.
So things were getting crowded when tyring to find a specific e-mail .
Then I came across Otherinbox.
This in from their site:
Who needs OtherInbox?
Anyone who can't keep up with their email
OtherInbox is great for people who shop online, interact with friends on social networking sites, subscribe to mailing lists and newsletters, try new software and websites, and more. It’s even perfect for recruiters listing job openings or real-estate agents with properties for sale.OtherInbox is incredibly simple on the surface and makes it easy to start seeing it’s benefits immediately, while offering power and flexibility under the hood for those that want it.

Right now it's free and works with gmail accounts in sorting your e-mail.
I have gmail but it works best for me with all the accounts I signed up for on the web. Instead of giving my home e-mail address , I would give for example Twitter@my You can make up your user name whne you sigh up for OIB. You need to make sure you add the mailbox in your otherinbox settings. All you would need to do is go into settings,add new mailbox and write Twitter or whatever your signing up for. You don't put in the full address when adding a mailbox. So now OIB is sorting all of my accounts for me. It will only show those mailboxes that have e-mails. It also has it's own internal browser so you can bookmark your favorite sites. For those who want to see what people are doing on all of their social networks then get the desktop app, PeopleBrowser. You can bookmark it right in Otherinbox and then open up and monitor all your networks with one click.

I also gave PostBox a spin.
This in from their site:A new way to work with email
Postbox offers powerful new ways to find, use, and view email messages and content, organize your work life, and get stuff done. Postbox works behind the scenes to catalog everything in your email. We mean everything: every bit of text, every contact, address and link. Every picture, document and attachment. It’s all in the catalog and it’s all searchable.
Just click the Images tab to see a thumbnail gallery of every picture from every message, or the Attachments tab to browse through documents, files and more. And since Postbox does all of its cataloging on your own computer, the privacy and confidentiality of your email information is preserved.

Postbox has serious search capabilities and woks with multiple accounts.
Two great choices or be like me and use both.
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