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2011 Jaguar XKR 75 coming to Goodwood 2010

2011 Jaguar XKR 75 coming to Goodwood 2010: "Jaguar XKR 75 Jaguar today dropped the first image and details on its high(er)-performance Jaguar XKR 75, which will debut at the 2010 Goodwood Festival of Speed on July 2. The model celebrates Jaguar’s 75th anniversary and delivers a combination of increased performance, stronger chassis and better steering control along with higher grip levels.Click here to get prices on the 2009 Jaguar XKR.‘We conceived the XR 75 as a sports car with a duality of character that makes it perfectly suited to driving across Europe to the Nurburgring, completing some very fast laps, and then driving home again, added Mike Cross, Chief Engineer Vehicle Integrity.Sounds pretty sweet. Power from the 5.0L superchatged V8 has been increased to 523-hp and a maximum torque of 483 lb-ft. 0-60 mph comes in at 4.4 seconds (compared to 4.6 seconds for the standard model) with a top speed of 174 mph.Jaguar will only produce 75 units for the UK market.Hit the jump…

iPhone 4 vs. Droid X: The Break Down

iPhone 4 vs. Droid X: The Break Down: " Who are you riding with, the Droid or the iPhone 4? Take a look, we break it down."(Via .)

**NEW MUSIC** M.I.A feat. JAY Z "XXXO"

**NEW MUSIC** M.I.A feat. JAY Z "XXXO": " Click here to listen & leave comments."(Via Global Grind Music Headlines.)

FaceTime video conferencing coming to the iPhone

FaceTime video conferencing coming to the iPhone: "Filed under: At today's WWDC keynote, a new feature of the iOS 4 operating system called FaceTime was announced and demonstrated, bringing iChat like video conferencing to the iPhone. FaceTime requires no set up or configuration and will work with either the front or back facing camera on the iPhone 4, but the front facing camera has been 'tuned' for FaceTime allowing you to hold the camera at arm's length to get a perfect picture. It works in both landscape and portrait orientation, and allows anyone running iOS 4, if the hardware supports it, to seamlessly video chat with anyone also running iOS 4 on another iPhone.

There will be a FaceTime button in the Contacts app and on on the Phone screen. Tapping it is all you need to do to initiate a video chat, even if you're already on a voice call. The recipient will get a message saying that a FaceTime session has been requested which can be accepted or reject…