Friday, January 25, 2013

Passinho Fever!

Passinho Fever!

by Caballo,
January 22nd 2013 9:40 AM

There is a new (old) trend coming up straight from Rio, and therefore, lots of places from Underground Brazil.

Passinho! Think somehow crunk meets Baile funk. Just this is a Cleaner funk with deeper and faster bass chops, deep rooted in Carioca funk and aimed to dance movements.
The trend started in 2011, but it was only until more production went to videos around mid 2012, it became fully viral!!
This one is actually a January 2013 track!

See Video:

Going back to the source, one of the first tunes about passinho is this one!!

See Video:

Get these 2 MASSIVE tunes for FREE ( or pay what you can)!
First has some kuduro, a sense of trap, and obviously lots of passinho!

Next is pure Bass Madness!

Passinho battles are all over!! Unless you speak portuguese, you wont be able to understand the words, but the beauty of music, is that you dont need to understand the whole thing to get an idea of how the battle dynamics are.

See Video:

So, I hope we can see more people geting the passinho fever, in the dancefloor and production wise!

PS: in the comment sections feel free to post about passinho soundclouds as we might do a passinho-inspired roundcloud sometime in February/march (hopefully)

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