Tuesday, November 6, 2012

LL Cool J Redeems Himself On “Take It”: Listen

LL Cool J Redeems Himself On "Take It": Listen

by Christina Lee, idolator.com
November 3rd 2012

This summer, LL Cool J announced his return to hip-hop with "Ratchet" — his first new music since 2008′s Exit 13 and, to be honest, not what we expected. Peppered with easy-to-catch references to D'Angelo and Lady Gaga, the rap icon's remorseful screed of gold-diggers ("Can I get some cash? A little money for gas?") wasn't as deserving of the title he's lined up for his forthcoming album: Authentic Hip Hop.

But in his new song "Take It," LL Cool J attempts to right his wrongs with lines like, "LL got the remedy, intervention divine / I gave you the gift, listen to me, it's all by design." He's spitting of the pressure that comes with returning to hip-hop — he feels like an underdog now — but, as his rap story segues to a steamy hook-up in the hood, LL makes clear that he doesn't dwell in self-pity for long. Check out "Take It," featuring guest vocals by Joe and production by Trackmasters, after the jump.

LL Cool J, "Take It" (feat. Joe)

See Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=89F3ATBQXaI

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