Thursday, August 16, 2012 Says "People Don't Understand What Traditional Producing Is" (DETAILS) Says "People Don't Understand What Traditional Producing Is" (DETAILS)

When news broke of Nas allegedly receiving lyrical assistance on his politically-charged 2008 album Untitled, the hip-hop blogosphere damn near exploded.

A few days ago, dream hampton, friend and co-author of Jay-Z's 2010 well-received book Decoded, confirmed via Twitter that Untitled had been "largely written by stic of dead prez and Jay Electronica."

EXCLUSIVE BLOG: If Nas Has A Ghostwriter, Then Hip-Hop Is A Lie

Both Jay and stic have released statements defending the integrity of Nas' Untitled. However in a recent sit- down with Vibe Magazine, elaborates even more on the provocative topic:

"I just feel like the people who are saying different things about the process of how that record was created I'm wondering, where were you at? To be totally honest, me and M1 went to Cali at the request of Nas. And we would be in the studio together working on stuff with nobody else there except Nas, who would come in and leave... It's gone from the collaboration that we did with Nas, which involved producing, idea exchanging and writing hooks, which is one thing, to us being ghostwriters.

To me, ghostwriting, as far as I know, is hiring somebody to write words for you to actually say. That didn't happen… were there to work in general: production, writing and ideas to help develop some of the songs on the album.

Even some of the songs we gave input on, in terms of hooks and phrases, it was Nas' vision in terms of knowing what he wanted… Nas was the director. It was his vision on everything. My job was simple: can you help make this happen whether it was music or concepts. The only thing is they didn't want [the standard] dead prez/Nas collaboration. They didn't want to have me and M on the record with Nas. We were there as producers and collaborators.

People don't understand what [traditional] producing is. I'm kind of still like, "Wow." I'm trying to understand what's the big deal and where it's coming from. It's weird."

DETAILS: Jay Electronica Responds To Nas Ghostwriting Allegations 

To read the extended version of's responses, head over to Vibe.


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