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Heartbreaker! The Tragic Love Stories In Lana Del Rey Videos (LIST)

Heartbreaker! The Tragic Love Stories In Lana Del Rey Videos (LIST)


There is no artist in the game right now who does videos like Lana Del Rey. #Fact.

The super talented singer released her debut solo album, Born to Die, in January, and she has already dropped videos for half of the album's 12 songs. 

VIDEO: Lana Del Rey "Summertime Sadness" 

All of her videos are stunning and unique in their own individual way. Sometimes the videos have a storyline and sometimes the visuals are just a collection of abstract images.

However, the theme that is prevalent throughout all of her movies is love ending tragically. 

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Don't know what we mean? Look though the pages and see the various tragic love stories Lana has told with her videos.


Song: "Born To Die" 

Directed By: Yoann Lemoine

Lana's Love Interest: Bradley Soileau as her nameless tattooed boyfriend

Synopsis: Even though "Video Games" was Lana's official first video, "Born to Die" is the first set of visuals to feature storytelling elements. The video features an unhappy-looking Lana in a volatile relationship with a character played by model Bradley Soileau. The two love hard; and they die hard, too.

The video ends with a car crash, killing our songstress. One of the lasting images you see is Bradley holding a bloody Lana in his arms. Also seen in the video is Lana in a parallel universe, on her chair, wearing a crown, while standing next to a lion. 


Song: "Blue Jeans" 

Directed By: Yoann Lemoine

Lana's Love Interest: Bradley Soileau as nameless, tattooed boyfriend (again)

Synopsis: Maybe Lana should just keep away from this Bradley Soileau character. And alligators. Oh, and pools, also.

A day trip in the pool turns into a nightmare, as Bradley drags Lana down in the water, in an alligator-infested pool. Combine that image with the haunting single cover, which features the singer unconscious, with a man's hand around her neck, and you have the ingredients for some creepy sh*t. 



Song: "Carmen" 

Directed By: Not Available

Lana's Love Interest: Not Available

Synopsis: When Lana posted the video for "Carmen" on her YouTube page, the singer put in the description, "BIO PIC," (which may be the reason why she doesn't die in the video.) Like the earlier "Video Games" visuals, the video for "Carmen" is another montage, featuring various images of pop culture images mixed in with pictures of Lana herself. One of the images you see is Lana getting close to a unnamed blonde fella. The video ends with her dancing in the grass. Does that mean the video contains a happy ending? Maybe.


Song: "National Anthem" 

Directed By: Anthony Mandler

Lana's Love Interest: A$AP Rocky as John F. Kennedy

Synopsis: The most visually stunning music video of the year is, without a doubt, Lana's "National Anthem" video. In it, Lana has two gigs as Marilyn Monroe and as Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, while Harlem's A$AP Rocky plays iconic president JFK.

Of course, like in real life, the story ends tragically when president A$AP Rocky gets assassinated while riding in his drop top. 

To date, this is the only Lana video to be somewhat historically accurate. 


Song: "Summertime Sadness"

Directed By: Kyle Newman, and Spencer Susser

Lana's Love Interest: Jaime King as her unnamed girlfriend

Synopsis: For Lana's latest video, the singer got inspiration from the book Super Sad True Love Story: A Novel. The book tells the story of lesbians in love who both decide to kill themselves. In the video, Lana and her lover, Jamie King, take a fatal plunge together. Things never seem to lighten up for good ol' Lana.

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