Monday, May 25, 2009

Search on Fire with Ubiquity

I just downloaded Ubiquity,a Firefox, Flock plug in. This puts tasks at your fingertips.
I'm writing a Gmail and I 'm telling a friend about a restaurant. I launch U using a customized shortcut and write maps in Ubiquity's window and a locator map for the restaurant appears. Now click the map and then click insert in the lower right corner and the map is insereted into your e-mail. Gmail only trick for now. Now my friend has directions to the restaurant. Write Yelp and the name of the restaurant in U's window and a review pops up, that also can be inserted into the body of the e-mail. Write add calendar with a note and time and it will be added to your calendar.Write wiki and a word you're looking up and a Wikipedia list appears in a window Click the word and it takes you to Wikipedia. Write Twitter, then write a tweet and it will post directly to Twitter. It also does translations,tiny urls,calculations,video searches, highlights and edits to web pages. Play around with it. Check out the demos on YouTube and Ubiquity's home page. Have fun and stay connected

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